Media Releases

4 December 2003 - ‘One Size Fits All Sole Custody  Is Dangerous For Children

8 August 2002 - ‘Marriage Strike’ Set To Continue Indefinitely Until Family Law Is Reformed

8 July 2002 - Chief Justice Fails To Recognise Family Court’s Role In Placing Children At Risk Of Child Abuse

20 September 2001 - The Family In Crisis: State Of The Nation—2001

29 August 2001 - Family Law Report Acknowledges Destruction Caused By Current System Of Family Breakdown

22 August 2001 - Studies link High Incidence of Male Suicide with Administration of Family Breakdown

6 June 1997 - The Forgotten Children Of Divorce (Say sorry to the children judge)

5 January 1996 - Chief Justice Of The Family Court Has Abandoned The ‘Bench’ For The Couch  

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