‘Marriage Strike’ Set To Continue Indefinitely Until Family Law Is Reformed

"An international 'Marriage Strike' by men is set to continue indefinitely until Family Law is reformed to recognise that father's love their children too," Secretary and spokesman for the Joint Parenting Association, Dr Shane Kelly said today.

Responding to recent reports by Federal Minister's Tony Abbott and Ross Cameron that divorce laws are in need of urgent reform, and that our falling fertility rates are threatening the social fabric of Australia, the Joint Parenting Association has called on the Federal Government to take decisive action.

"As recently identified by Ross Cameron MP, the sad truth that the divorce business is now costing Australians more than $3 billion per annum, is nothing short of a catastrophe.  It is harming our children, tearing down trust and undermining Australian society to a point where it can no longer be sustained," Dr Kelly said.

"Today we are faced with nothing short of a 'Marriage Strike' by men, that will produce outcomes of a decisively lower standard of living for a generation of baby boomers entering retirement, with little or no relief to be seen for decades to come.”

"And then, only with immediate reforms to Family Law, will there be any hope of reversing this trend before Government's will have to introduce wealth or death taxes to fund our ever ageing population," Dr Kelly said.

"Young men of today are no fools. They all know someone, possibly their own fathers, who have been financially and emotionally devastated by Australia's administration of Family Breakdown and they are certainly not about to enter into that proposition, when 95% of those prospective fathers will have little chance of maintaining any meaningful relationship with their children after separation or divorce and more than likely will be financially ruined in the process."

"Clearly the marriage survival odds are not worth the risk and today's 'Marriage Strike' is likely to continue until genuine reforms are put in place," Dr Kelly said."

But the costs are not just born by the Federal Government in higher social welfare costs and lower income tax receipts. Each State is also severely affected by the increased burden placed on their public housing programs, health and aged care services, and more devastating than all of those, in the costs of poor financial, educational and mental health outcomes for the children of divorce.

"Children clearly suffer the most from the current system," Dr Kelly said, "And with no sign of relief, retirees must also expect declining standards of living for the foreseeable future."

"If the Federal Government acted to reform Family Law today, it could take up to twenty years before there would be any signs of relief or stabilisation of the problem," Dr Kelly concluded.


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