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Federal Government 50/50 Time Share Inquiry   

Our submission is 1153 and can be downloaded here   

Other submissions can be downloaded here   

For Children

Kids Help Line

Community Organizations

Australian Camp Connect Association Inc

Annie E. Casey Foundation

Australian Family Association

Bonus Families (USA)

Fatherville (USA)

MESA (Canada) 

Richard Hillman Foundation Inc.

Shared Parenting Information Group (SPIG UK)

Step Family Association Of South Australia Inc

United Nations Joint Parenting Website in Senegal


Richard A Warshak PhD is a clinical, research, and consulting psychologist, clinical professor of psychology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre at Dallas and author of Divorce Poison: Protecting The Child Bond From A Vindictive Spouse, The Custody Revolution

Nuance Journal


Family Relationships On Line   

Australian Government Attorney General's Department   

Family Court of Australia

Family Law Council

Family Law Self-Help Kits


Family Law Act 1975

Parliamentary Organizations

Parliament of Australia

Australian Labor Party

The Hon Kevin Rudd: Prime Minister of Australia

The Hon Robert McClelland: Attorney General

Liberal Party of Australia

Liberal Party of Australia

Malcolm Turnbull, MP: Leader of the Opposition

George Brandis, Senator: Shadow Attorney General

The Nationals

The Hon. Warren Truss MP: Leader of The Nationals

Australian Democrats

Senator Andrew Bartlett: Parliamentary Leader

Senator Brian Greig: Spokesperson For Attorney General, Justice And Several Other Portfolios

Family First Party

Steven Fielding Senator: Leader of Family First

The Australian Greens

Bob Brown: Leader Australian Greens

Non-Custodial Parents Party

Andrew Thompson: Party Secretary


Bob Katter MP

Robert Oakeshott MP

Tony Windsor MP

Nick Xenophon Senator

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