Joint Custody Outcomes

Custody Outcomes

Over thirty-three expert studies reveal that joint physical custody is the most child-friendly solution following marriage or relationship breakdown. 

Adjustment Of Children

Majority View Of The Psychiatric And Paediatric Community
Next Best Arrangement To An Intact Family
Joint Physical Custody Is What Children Want
Children Adjust Much Better

Children More Satisfied

Better For Girls

Better For Boys
Better for Infants
Parenting Time Schedules For Infants and Toddlers

Adjustment of Parents

Better for Mothers
Better for Fathers

Other Factors Favouring Joint Custody

In addition to the research concerning children’s adjustment in the post-divorce period, there are factors to consider that indicate a presumption for joint custody is preferable.  The advantages of joint custody include dramatically higher compliance with child support orders, less relitigation and less divorce.

Payment of Child Support
Less Litigation

Less Divorce



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