The Family In Crisis: State OF The Nation––2001

The Joint Parenting Association supports the findings released today in a report ‘State of the Nation’ by the respected policy research organization, The Centre for Independent Studies.

“This research tells us unequivocally that the basic foundation of the family is under threat.” Secretary of the Joint Parenting Association, Dr Shane Kelly said today.

“The release today of this vital research clearly demonstrates that the fabric of our society is under attack and it is now self evident that family breakdown is the number one social contagion threatening the well being of our children into the future,” Dr Kelly said.

Dr Kelly said that one of the key findings of the C.I.S. report that, “an estimated 1.3 million children live apart from one of their natural parents. These children are statistically ten times more likely to be abused or neglected and twice as likely to have a mental health problem,” is nothing short of an alarming acknowledgement of the negative outcomes of family breakdown administration in Australia.

The Joint Parenting Association supports the fundamental human right of every child to have and maintain an equal relationship with both parents following separation and divorce and seeks to have this enshrined in Family Law in Australia.

“With the current (solecustody) model now proven to place children at an unacceptable risk of negligence and abuse, as well as a whole host of behavioural problems––the Joint Parenting Association once again calls on the Federal Government to make immediate changes to Family Law protecting the 200 children that go through this system every day,” Dr Kelly said.

“The latest research evidence shows that children raised in fatherless homes are significantly more likely than average to have problems in school, run away from home, become delinquent, develop mental illness and drug dependency, experience other serious problems and commit suicide.

“In marked contrast the American Psychological Association has reported that following parental separation children in joint residence fare better in all areas of child well being. United States surveys also indicate that joint parenting laws have had the effect of lowering the divorce rate by up to a factor of 8, lowering litigation and increasing child support compliance to around 95%” Dr Kelly said.

“Every day the Federal Government delays making changes to our current system of Family Breakdown Administration––up to 200 children will have their fathers removed from their day to day lives by the Family Court of Australia, with all the resulting destruction that fact alone will produce,” Dr Kelly concluded.

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