Majority View Of The Psychiatric And Paediatric Community

"The majority view of the psychiatric and paediatric profession is that mothers and fathers are equals as parents, and that a close relationship with both parents is necessary to maximise the child's chances for a healthy and productive life" (Atkinson 1984). 

In a 1995 report that "summarizes and evaluates the major research concerning joint custody and its impact on children's welfare" the American Psychological Association (APA) stated: 

"The research reviewed supports the conclusion that joint custody is associated with certain favorable outcomes for children including father involvement, best interest of the child for adjustment outcomes, child support, reduced relitigation costs, and sometimes reduced parental conflict."

The APA also noted that:

"The need for improved policy to reduce the present adversarial approach that has resulted in primarily sole maternal custody, limited father involvement and maladjustment of both children and parents is critical. Increased mediation, joint custody, and parent education are supported for this policy."


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